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Peter Yao
The Chief


Glatfelter has manufactured carbonless paper at our Chillicothe, Ohio facility for over 50 years. Although we have made carbonless for 5 decades, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our product in ways that our customers value.

We've spent many millions of dollars to engineer a new capsule system which not only retains a crisp image transfer in our carbonless products, but is also an environmentally responsible solution for our environment. NatureSolv was the result of this investment in the Chillicothe facility.

The NatureSolv™ carbonless capsule results from technology that was developed by research scientists and engineers in Glatfelter’s Chillicothe, Ohio facility in 2001 – we made this capsule change before environmental causes were “trendy”.

You may wonder, what makes NatureSolv different from other carbonless capsule systems. NatureSolv creates capsules from organic, naturally-occurring solvents which create less impact on the environment. The solvents in NatureSolv are found in everyday products, from food to health and beauty items. So it is truly a more environmentally responsible product line.

Also, you may have tried to purchase more environmentally responsible papers in the past and were told to pay a premium price for this product. NatureSolv capsule technology costs you NOTHING extra. It is in every roll, every sheet of Glatfelter Carbonless Paper.

Glatfelter Carbonless posesses unparalleled efficiency in the printing process, excellent image transfer, enhanced optical properties and it maintains an environmentally resposible standing on the environment. The perfect and ideal solution if you are a carbonless user.

This technology utilizes naturally-based, organic solvents to create a carbonless capsule that is more environmentally responsible and is used on every single Glatfelter carbonless brand.