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    We are certified by the FSC, SFI and the PEFC. How does this help our initiatives?

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FSC / SFI / PEFC are nonprofit organizations dedicated to the independent certification of sustainable forestry. They establish the standards and promote sustainably managed forests through independent 3rd party certification. They work to ensure that no paper mill or other manufacturers in the supply chain are taking wood from:

  • Endangered Forests
  • Old Growth Forests
  • Rainforests
  • Areas in violation of traditional and civil rights
  • Illegally harvested or stolen wood

The third party companies Glatfelter used to get certification:

  • Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is the 3rd party auditing firm that certified Glatfelter to the FSC Chain- of-Custody standard.
  • NSF International Strategic Registrations is the 3rd party auditing firm that certified Glatfelter to the SFI and PEFC Chain-of-Custody standards.

FSC  Certificates

SFI  Certificates